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Suitability of female condom (FC) as a protecting device--a pilot study.

Sankaran, Shailaja, Lalitha, Kavitha, Joson; International discussion on AIDS. 

Int Conf AIDS. 1998; 12: 616-7 (abstract no. 33127). 

Deepam Educational humanity for Health, DESH, Azhwarpet, Chennai, India.

OBJECTIVE: To analyze Acceptability of FC as a protecting device & Factors contributing to its use/non-use. DESIGN: A pilot study with Purposive sampling. METHODS: Our pilot study focussed mainly on the concept of acceptability of FC as a barrier method, using a locally available FC not yet come to the market, on a sample size of 58 respondents, consisting of 28 housewives (HW) from two urban slums in Chennai [A], as well as 15 housewives [B] and 15 sex workers (SW) [C] in Tiruttani a semi-urban area near Chennai. 67% of these women were in generation 23-32 years, while 19% were below and 14% above. Their level of education was: 38% illiterate; 16% primary; 41% middle; and 5% high school. period of the study was 15 days in year 1997. Each participant used 3 FC and answer an interview schedule after each use for a small motivation. Some men, partners (P) of a few women, also participate. RESULTS: Some response of the 58 women respondents interviewed are given below: TABULAR DATA, SEE ABSTRACT VOLUME CONCLUSION: There seems a 'felt need' for a protective device, be it male or female condom. Many women felt that they could use FC for their own protection with better control over their sexual relationships. Most of the SWs interviewed were willing to pay for FC if it was subsidised. The number of women empowered to choose protective device of their choice went up by four times (7% to 28%) during DESH's programs. In-depth studies on FC are looked-for.
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